Wine & Oysters

*Terroir/Merroir; The Geology of Muscadet

Partake in the classic pairing of Muscadet wine and oysters!

Geologist Phoebe McMellon will speak on Muscadet’s geologic formation. Sadie Flateman, wine professional turned oyster farmer, owner of Great Salt Pond Oyster Co. will discuss Block Island’s merroir and pairing oysters with wine. Taste how terroir informs wine as merroir does oysters. Demonstrated with a flight of wines from three distinctly different vineyard sites–all from Domaine Luneau Papin (biodynamic)–paired with one dozen GSP oysters.

Thursday, August 10, 2023
Old Island Pub
(2nd floor)
5:30pm – 7:00pm


*** This event is now sold out ***

*Terroir: French term: the total natural environment of any viticultural site and how climate, sunlight, topography, geology, hydrology, and humans impact the vineyard and how the combination of these elements are reflected in the site’s wine.

Merroir: Adopted from the term terroir, merroir refers to a quality of a shellfish’s flavor that is influenced by its unique sea environment defined by the location it was raised and harvested: water temperature, water quality, currents and runoff from land.

Bottles of wine against sunset