Farming Oysters on Block Island

Our Story

We are located in the Great Salt Pond of Block Island, 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Island. Oysters are native here, it is known, and were a food source of the Manisses.

Block Island has distinct advantage when it comes to ocean-based farming. The foremost is our water quality which is the best in Rhode Island. As filter feeders, oysters contribute to the pond’s clarity. In turn, the cleanliness of the pond supports a thriving habitat for marine ecology. There are few freshwater streams and little brackish water. The high salinity gives our oysters a distinctly briny flavor.

We raise the eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica) on three acres. The oysters drink in the tides of the pond, beginning as seed in Harbor Pond, reaching maturing in Trims, and finishing in the cooler, deep water off Cormorant Cove. Grow-out method is primarily top culture (suspended floating bags on line), with a portion reaching final grow out in baskets on the pond bottom. They are all tumbled and sorted by hand.

Great Salt Pond oysters are harvested to order. We are a certified interstate shellfish shipper, making same day deliveries to restaurants and retail shops (contact us to set up an account).

Find us at the Block Island Farmers Market on Saturdays (May to October).

Chris driving boat with oysters on board

Purchasing Our Oysters

We sell to restaurants and retail shops, and direct to consumers at the Saturday Farmers Market on Block Island (May to October). You can place orders in advance for pickup at farmers market (cutoff for orders is 5pm on Friday).

Please contact us if you would like to set up a wholesale account.


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